View the benefits.

How to achieve the most realistic restoration.

The Esthet•X HD TruMatch Shade
Guide delivers a precise match for
single and multiple-shade opacities.

View the benefits.
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Ideal handling: it puts reality at your fingertips.

Highly sculptable and non-sticky,
Esthet•X HD stays where placed –
key to highly realistic restorations.

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Results so Real, only you and your patient will know.

Start with the perfect blend of strength, handling and exquisite color-matching. Finish with consistently beautiful, natural results. That’s how to render reality. When you take advantage of Esthet•X® HD’s technology and TruMatch® Shade Guide, only you and your patient will know it’s a restoration.
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Esthet•X HD is a composite material. It is a universal direct restorative, used in posterior and anterior restorations. It is a proven asset to all dentists, including those specializing in esthetic dentistry (also known as cosmetic dentistry and artistic dentistry).

Esthet•X HD features micro-matrix filler technology. The “HD” formulation delivers “high definition” results. With a smaller filler particle size and precise particle distribution, Esthet•X HD universal composite delivers excellent sculpting and polishing characteristics, as well as an exquisite luster that translates to a “high-definition” visual appeal.

Add in Esthet•X HD’s exceptional physical properties – such as high fracture toughness, flexibility and wear resistance, plus low shrinkage. And take advantage of the precise, 3D shade-matching of the TruMatch Shade Guide. Now you’ve reached a whole new level of esthetic dentistry, where you control an advanced universal composite to create a full range of anterior and posterior restorations that are so natural looking, only you and your patient will know.

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